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"I look forward to this part of my daily ritual so much! I take the roller from the freezer and roll it cold all over my face, it feels so good. It brings new life to my face." - Kelly S., Customer

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    The secret to radiant skin is revealed with our Cryo Beauty Rose Quartz Face-Massage Roller. What makes The Raw Era Roller different than any other rollers out there? It's frozen! Kept in the freezer along with all of your other TRE products, this icy treat wakes up the whole face! It promotes circulation for glowy, plump, healthy-looking skin while releasing tension in facial muscles, reducing the appearance of fine lines, unwanted puffiness and under-eye bags. Whether used in our full Daily Cryo Facial Ritual or alone, the icy rose quartz feels incredible.


    • Rose quartz, stainless steel
    • Length: 5.5"
    • See how-to-use directions by clicking here



    The roller is fantastic used on bare skin, but it’s even more amazing when you apply a little of our luxurious Bella Serum and/or Love Me Butter Moisturizer first. Massage for five to ten minutes, targeting specific areas as shown here



    Important Information Regarding Shipping


    FREE SHIPPING on all orders over $150!


    We offer you the benefits of truly fresh botanical ingredients made to order and shipped from our kitchen within 3-5 days of harvest and production. We cryogenically freeze our raw plant products shortly after production to naturally preserve their nutrional potency. Therefore, when ordering frozen products, please utilize the tracking number provided in the order confirmation to closely monitor when your delivery will arrive at your doorstep. This is very important because you must place the frozen items into the freezer immediately and let freeze for at leat 4 hours before using. All frozen products are shipped in dry ice, so please handle with care, following the directions on how to handle and dispose of the dry ice included in the packaging.





    Free shipping over $150 also applies to monthly deliveries. 

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